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Aurora fell in love with reading when her 3rd grade teacher, Miss Anderson, handed her a copy of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House in the Big Woods. In the following years, reading books in public and school libraries served as Aurora's escape into magical worlds. Once, while reading to herself in class, Aurora laughed so much that her classmates nicknamed her, "Aurora Medina, the laughing hyena!"


When Mr. Kuhne, Aurora's high school English teacher and speech coach introduced her to oral interpretation, Aurora discovered the joy of dramatizing poetry, novels, and plays. She won countless speech awards in high school, allowing her to win a full ride scholarship to Adams State University. Aurora majored in English, minored in speech and theater, and earned a master's degree in school counseling.


Inspired by the teachers who taught her, Aurora taught high school English and reading. She taught journalism. She counseled young people. She founded and ran an early college high school and career pathways program. And, she raised her son and daughter with the support of her amazing husband and her dog, Luna.

Aurora wrote her first children's story in 3rd grade. She began writing a diary after reading The Diary of Anne Frank in 4th grade. While in high school, she began writing poetry and inventing mischievous characters who still make her laugh. Today, Aurora devotes herself to documenting the adventures and misadventures of all of her beloved characters.

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